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    Life Coaching Certification

    Life Coaching Certification

Life Coaching Certification

The Kitchen Table is now offering a Certification in Christian Life Coaching for people interested in becoming a Professional Life Coach or a Ministry (Layperson) Life Coach.  Our goal is to equip coaches with advanced skills to facilitate healing and growth while positioning people to overcome life issues and pursue meaningful life goals. We offer this class in-house and in a distance-learning format via zoom. This program is one year long and classes begin every September. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today to get on the list for the next year's coaching class. 

Download our life coaching brochure below:

Life Coach certification brochure
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Why would you want to take this course?

  • For your own personal and professional growth
  • To get better at the ways you are already communicating with coworkers, employees, friends and family members
  • To help others self-generate solutions and find the answers they are looking for in their own lives
  • To become a professional coach as a part-time or full-time career
  • To be more effective in a pastoral counseling/ministry role 
  • To be equipped to really help others grow and heal – body, soul and spirit

TKT coaching class:

Students complete approximately 110 hours of classroom instruction in basic to advanced coaching skills in an interactive setting, along with a supervised practicum and internship option. The practicum is comprised of 30+ hours of supervised practice coaching and role-playing with other students.

Module 1: The Bread and Butter
Module 2: Meat and Potatoes
Module 3: Salt and Pepper
Module 1: The Bread and Butter
  • Introduction to Coaching
  • Building Rapport
  • Listening, the Coach's Tool
  • The Art of the Question
  • The Gift of Gab
  • Awareness and Action
  • "God Talk" for the Coach
  • TKT Coaching Process
Module 2: Meat and Potatoes
  • Making Connections: Attachment
  • Brain, Neuroscience and Coaching
  • The Mind-Body Connection
  • An Inner Healing Model
  • Levels of Consciousness
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Spiritual Practices
Module 3: Salt and Pepper
  • Knowing yourself: Healthy Coach, Healthy Client
  • Coach's Self Care
  • Marketing and Technology
  • TKT Coach Intern: Ethics, Guidelines and Identity Development
  • Lunchbox: Live Coaching and Coaching Tools

Read what some of our students have to say about the TKT  Life Coaching Certification Program:

Dennis - St. Martinville, LA

I started the coaching class as part of a purely selfish motive:  I wanted to get out of retail and enjoy studying Psychology.  What I got out of it was so much more then that; in the class, we meet each other weekly.   This helped us to understand things about ourselves.  This led to a revelation on why I had been battling an eating disorder for 30 years. Before the class was over, I had lost 140 pounds, and that was not the most significant change that I experienced.  I was never a good listener, being an extrovert and having a sales back definitely didn’t help.  However, through time and the nurturing atmosphere provided by The Kitchen Table program, especially Marc and Melissa, it is a skill I am developing.  More then that, I like the person I am now, and no longer need to put on a performance for people. This awareness has also allowed me to be able to help others so much better than I was able to do before. The skills I am now developing as a life coach are only possible because of the class.  The knowledge of not only how to, but more importantly, when to use the tools are invaluable. This is a gift that the class has given me that I will be forever grateful.  It is used not only when speaking to clients, but the ability to listen to friends, family, and acquaintances has been a Godsend. Even if you have no interest in becoming a “Life Coach,” the impact that it will have on your professional and personal life will change both for the better.

Michelle - Lafayette, LA

When I started my Growth Journey 4 yrs ago , I was on a mission to Be the best human that I could be in order to Serve people better. I am a Health and Weigh loss coach. I wanted to Help People achieve Success for a Lifetime and not just short term.But ,1st I had to start with me! I’ve worked with many organizations on Personal growth and achieved certifications for Life coaching but still felt there had to be more . I still had road blocks in my brain about how to ask deeper questions to get to a persons deeper level of their “WHY”. I joined the TKT coaching class in 2020 because of recommendations from two very close successful friends. …Almost immediately I knew this Program was what I had been searching for! I am Truly a different and Better person because of this class. I am a Better Coach , wife , mother , grandmother and friend… I Personally recommend this Coaching Class to Everyone ! If You are a business owner or just a regular person who wants to better yourself ,your thought process and your relationship with others .. This Class is For YOU!

Kellie - Duson, LA

When I came to The Kitchen Table I was in a stage of life where things were starting to change and I felt like life was out of control. After a few sessions of counseling with Marc he suggested that I try the coaching class. I have to say that without a doubt it has changed my life! It helped me to get back to who I really am as a person and not just as a mom or a wife. After a year of the coaching class I have become a better listener…. better at listening to others but also better at listening to myself. This class taught me that I’ve had all the answers in me all along. The tools that I have gained will impact my life forever and hopefully allow me to impact others lives as well! In addition to these skills it has also offered me a community of people who are focused on becoming the best version of themselves! I am forever grateful!

Chasity - Lafayette, LA

"Coaching class has been a master class in effective communication for me. I have learned that we all are powerful creators that have the abilities to change our own lives.  Most importantly, the support I have received to step out of my comfort zone into this new territory has been really amazing."

Carla - Abbeville, LA

"I recommend The Kitchen Table Life Coaching Certificate Program because of how it changed my life personally and professionally. The healing and the knowledge I have received has changed how I interact with others and I feel equipped to help each person God sends my way. He (God) has always led people to me and I would try to help and listen to them, but now because of Marc and Melissa’s teachings and guidance I am seeing lives changed! What a difference one year has made! The D’Aunoys gave us wisdom that would have taken years and years to attain. I encourage you to sign up, get started on this journey so you too can feel the freedom I do!"

Crystol - Winder, GA

"The Kitchen Table Coaching Class helped me realize my true calling to help people that are in emotional and spiritual bondage so they can find peace and their true identity and they have also taught me that I can identify with others who are struggling with my own personal struggles and how to find freedom."

Stephen - Lafayette, LA

"I am very thankful for my experience in The Kitchen Table Life Coaching Certification Program. Of course, the classes prepare you to be a great life coach but, the experience moves beyond life coaching into your own personal growth and life skills that everyone needs. You get multifaceted thoughtfully prepared content ranging from written class materials, video, conferences, websites, references, books, speakers, you name it. Marc and Melissa give you an organized track to run on but, they also leave a ton of room for you to become the coach you were specifically called to be. Not to mention you are doing this with a group of like-minded people which form connections and friendships along the way. You will never be the same. I highly recommend this program."

Emily - Youngsville, LA

"The life coach program has been one of the most transforming years in my life. I’ve learned skills that help me both professionally and personally. Self-acceptance is one of the many things I have gained this year and now, after taking this course, I am confident I can help others on their healing journey. Thank you Marc and Melissa for creating a safe place where learning and growth can take place."

Jamie - Youngsville, LA

"After taking the challenge of all 3 Growth Challenge weekends offered at the kitchen table, I wanted more; I didn’t want my personal growth to end! I wanted everyone in and around my life to learn to live empowered , just as I had! I signed up for the life coaching class in anticipation  of learning more tools! Life coaching class helped me uncover the “Whys” of my behavior. It taught me to be a curious listener, which has shifted the dynamic of my relationships…even with my little girls!! Furthermore, teaching my daughters to be incredible communicators! And to me, communication is key to successful relationships!!"

Susan - Lake Charles, LA

 "I chose to take the class to follow a passion to make a difference and use my God-given gifts. Little did I know it would take me on a personal journey. I learned the gifts found in vulnerability, curiosity and awareness. These led to believing I’m “enough” and worthy of receiving love! My wow moment came when I realized I was leaving fear behind, learning to surrender and loving myself!! The TKT Coach Class is priceless and empowering!!"

Jennifer - Youngsville, LA

"Life coaching class has taught me the value of keeping my word to myself first. It has taught me to set healthy boundaries. I have experienced inner healing. It has helped me to find, value, and love myself. Coaching has brought healing to some of my closest relationships. Life Coaching Class has changed the quality of my life."

Renee - Carencro, LA

"The best decision I made was to sign up for this program. I have always wanted to help others deal with this thing called “Life” and in learning how to help others I am also healing myself!  I look back and realize how much I have grown personally and spiritually!  The wealth of knowledge that Marc and Melissa have shared is beyond what I expected.  I am finally getting to have the career I have always wanted and so much more!  I am so excited about what I have learned and I get to specialize with the Master Classes that are available!  I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in Life Coaching!"

Kelly - Carencro, LA

"I joined the coaching class in order to equip myself with tools I thought I needed to help others. Little did I know just how much those tools would change my own life. The class provided a safe place for all of us to get to know our true selves. It increased my own self-awareness, showed me ways to engage mind, body and spirit and to overcome my own issues so I could better serve others. I learned how to look deeper and to stay curious about the motives behind the actions, which in turn, increased my ability to give forgiveness and grace to those around me.  I came out of the class healthier and wiser with tools and skills to empower others to live healthier lives."

Brandy - Lafayette, LA

"The TKT Coaching program has taught me so much about myself, and my relationships with others. The many tools and techniques that they teach within the course encourage us students to take a deeper look inside ourselves and in turn, we use our experience to help others heal themselves. Our instructors are extremely knowledgeable and very resourceful. I would recommend TKT to any person out there interested in helping others!"

Iva - Youngsville, LA

"When I enrolled in the Life Coaching Program, I did this expecting to learn about tools that I could use with my clients. While I have learned these tools, I’ve learned so much more about myself during this journey.  The self-discovery is worth going through the program. I know my skills as a life coach have greatly increased because of what I have learned about myself in the process."

Tony - Lake Charles, LA
I have been in full time ministry for 10 years and for the first time believe I finally possess the tools to truly help others own the lives Jesus has called them to live apart from my opinion or guidance. The TKT Coaching Class isn’t just informational, but transformational and practical which makes the time and financial investment well worth it. Everything I needed from skills to support is now available to me to continue a part time career as a life coach within my local ministry context. 
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