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Upon waking up to prepare for the second day of attending an Ann Betz conference in 2018, I was surprised to experience double vision. I wasn’t out of bed yet and was a little afraid to get out. I had never experienced this before and had no clue what was happening. Nothing was hurting and there were no problems more


It’s no secret that people go through tough times in life. Whether it be from circumstances you bring on yourself or circumstances brought on by others. Through life coaching, Marc D’Aunoy not only walked me through personal and professional hardships, but introduced me to the concept of having a culture of coaching, in life and in business. Coaching that is ongoing and available when you need it. Everyone needs an outside perspective on things that happen in life. Everyone needs a person by your side that has no other motives or agendas but to help you discover what is best for you, your family and your profession. Personally, it was very beneficial to me to have someone who could see through my personal hang ups or challenges. Also, someone who would motivate and push me out of my comfort zone. Thank you Marc, I appreciate you. - Eric Smith


Melissa, I just want you to know what a blessing this study has been for me! God has walked this journey with me and brought some much needed healing. I’m overwhelmed by His love and grace in the areas of my life that He’s touched. He truly is bringing beauty from ashes! I found you by “accident” when searching for a video my aunt in Florida told me about and got Unpack Your Heart as a result. I’ve been talking about all the things God is doing with me through it and have recommended it to all the women I love! Now there are several women in California who are buying this study and I couldn’t be more excited to hear about their journeys. Thank you for putting this together and if you come to California we should get coffee together because I feel like we are friends!


I have struggled with severe and crippling migraines my entire life. The pain of the headaches would lead to terrible nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, not to mention unbelievable pain. Marc did a session with me that uncovered some intellectual conflicts that were contributing to the pain I had always felt. I now have a new tool to help more


Marc and Melissa D’Aunoy were recommended to me by my pastor for a problem I was having with erotic transference directed toward another therapist. Even though I knew that it was caused by a lack in my childhood of a close relationship with my father, it was very embarrassing and humiliating to me. Just when my emotions seemed to more


I don’t even know where to start!! Marc Daunoy’s gifting from the Holy Spirit is truly inspiring. Marc has been coaching my husband and I for over a year and what a journey it has been. He has been there with us through our lowest and coached us out of that place onto a path that is finally feeling more


Marc worked with my son through a bout of anxiety. After simply one counseling session he was much better and shortly after, conquered his fear. It was truly amazing.


The kitchen table became to me an intimate place where I had a voice and it was not my own it was God’s. I was so judgmental on myself and my marriage, my expectations were beyond false on everyone specially myself and my husband. I learned how to see that I needed God to be the one feeling my more


I am probably just like you, an average person who has friends and a family. I am educated, maintain a good job and have always been functional. However, I have spent the last 25 years trying to fill a void in my life. I wasn’t too sure what I was searching for but I definitely knew something was missing. more


God used Marc and Melissa magnificently in my life and in my marriage. Marc and Melissa are great coaches! I learned skills and now have knowledge of what a good and successful marriage looks like. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


I was talking (while standing) to Mark one day and he asked me why I keep kneeling down on one knee while talking. I told him that I have been suffering with lower back pain for years with no medical explanation for the pain and that kneeling and sitting was my way of coping with the pain. Mark explained more


In November 2011, our marriage had reached a boiling point. We’d forgotten how to talk to one another without arguing, if we ever knew in the first place. I gave an ultimatum to my husband, either we seek help. or I was done. He began researching counselors and was immediately drawn to the Kitchen Table for its casual approach. more


I have begun a journey of life, of really living. On my way, I found this wonderful place to be myself, take off all my masks, heal some wounds and be vulnerable before others and especially my God. The intimacy that has grown in every area of my life is priceless. My focus has completely changed to my most more


The Kitchen Table became a place where I had guidance and fellowship to become all God created me to be. I was a dysfunctional woman with no boundaries, an addiction to pleasing people, and I was carrying a ton of garbage that was becoming an extreme burden that I could no longer bear. I have had the opportunity to more


My son suffers from ADD, anger and emotional issues. When I began looking at the 30 months surrounding my 3rd son I didn’t really see any “issues”.  He was planned.  We chose to have him.  He was such a blessing.  But, as I began going through the 5 steps and listening to the other women, I realized that some more


I just want to preface this with I have been to so many counselors for various things, and I have never received healing in the way I have from The Kitchen Table Counseling. About a year ago I went to see Marc for the first time. My purpose for going was to make sure I was dealing with the more


I have known Marc and Melissa for years, go to church with them, received counseling from them, and also did the 16 week Boundaries and Inner Healing sessions. I recently have been attending the Recall Healing and have now made it a standing appointment every month. I had been diagnosed and struggled with Crohn's disease for about 15 years, more


I was married for 16 years and one day my husband decided that he didn't want to be married anymore. I felt as though I was hit by a 2 ton truck from the other direction. You see, my husband and I attended bible college to be trained to go into the ministry and help counsel people on their more


sunday, january 22, i woke up with a budding cold sore in the inner center of my bottom lip. i asked melissa about if she could send me some information on cold sores/fever blisters. she sent back that it could mean unwanted kiss, kiss of betrayal, kissed and made up before ready to - real or symbolic kiss. none more


Our two youngest children, who are half siblings, came to us by way of Foster Care and we are currently in the process of adopting both of them. Both children were dealing with trauma from their past due to the issues surrounding their birth family. One of our children had another layer of trauma added when she was diagnosed more



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