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I have begun a journey of life, of really living. On my way, I found this wonderful place to be myself, take off all my masks, heal some wounds and be vulnerable before others and especially my God. The intimacy that has grown in every area of my life is priceless. My focus has completely changed to my most important relationship, the one with my Father. This bleeds out into all the other relationships and allows me to grow. The healing classes and the relationships I have forged through this time will forever leave me feeling blessed and loved. This was His plan and I am so happy I was obedient and accepted the challenge to look deeper, build stronger faith, let go, and LIVE! It’s not always roses and sunshine and still I know He is with me, I am never alone, I belong to Him and I am His warrior princess. I truly feel I would not have this relationship without clearing out some room for my Father to fill. Thank you Melissa for being with me on my journey. You are precious to me!

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