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I have known Marc and Melissa for years, go to church with them, received counseling from them, and also did the 16 week Boundaries and Inner Healing sessions. I recently have been attending the Recall Healing and have now made it a standing appointment every month. I had been diagnosed and struggled with Crohn’s disease for about 15 years, but it was never the ‘typical’ pattern for Crohn’s and it baffled the doctor and me because it didn’t behave the way most Crohn’s markers do. But when it was ‘flared up” iit was horrible! I tried all the medications and 2 years ago was finally placed on Humira, which seemed to work at first but then never controlled it after that. The very first meeting I was given the Structures of Healing through Melissa, how to replace the lie with God’s truth and so forth. Then Marc did his teaching and actually had a young woman with Crohn’s participate and I was an observer. I immediately went home and did the timeline, God revealed specifically when the sickness began, I saw immediately what situation brought it on, dealt with it in prayer and replaced the lie with the truth and almost immediately received healing. I did get off Humira beforehand because of the side effects and was put on a pill daily just for good measure, but I truly believe it was the Recall healing that I was able to pinpoint the exact issue and then deal with it. I’m so thankful for the gift that is Marc and Melissa, the resources and ammunition they give us to help us live abundant lives, healthy and whole. Thank you from the bottom of my healthy digestive tract!

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