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sunday, january 22, i woke up with a budding cold sore in the inner center of my bottom lip. i asked melissa about if she could send me some information on cold sores/fever blisters. she sent back that it could mean unwanted kiss, kiss of betrayal, kissed and made up before ready to – real or symbolic kiss.

none of those sounded exactly right – but i had just the day before realized that my husband and i don’t kiss.  so i tell melissa this and she asks how i feel about that? she says to talk/journal it out – that doing that would speed up the conflict resolution – and that fever blisters are repair phase.

so i did – i talked it out – how i feel about us kissing/not kissing – and by the same sunday night, i noticed a big difference. by monday morning, the cold sore was almost entirely gone. before recall healing, when i would get cold sores, they would typically linger for about 2 weeks, even with the use of supplements and topical treatment.


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