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Our two youngest children, who are half siblings, came to us by way of Foster Care and we are currently in the process of adopting both of them. Both children were dealing with trauma from their past due to the issues surrounding their birth family. One of our children had another layer of trauma added when she was diagnosed with Philadelphia chromosome–positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia at age four, causing much more delay in her cognitive, social and academic skills. Both of our children struggled with academics, social skills, confidence, and comprehension. We worked with our children in behavioral therapy, tutoring and any alternative methods that we could do on our own, which all brought them to a certain point but we felt like we hit a wall and could not move any further. In the beginning of 2017, after hearing some of our friends testimonies of their children’s changes with MNRI, we decided we would try it. Our daughter started seeing Bridgette first because her delayed skills were the worst and on the very first day of MNRI we noticed immediate improvement! Things we had been trying to get her to do and understand for the nearly two years we had her, she started doing that very day without us even prompting. It was as if all the things we taught her were no longer bouncing off her brain but now she was actually comprehending and doing them! Before MNRI our daughter struggled with Math so severely, that we would cry at least a couple of times a week. She would learn how to add and carry over numbers for a number of weeks, move on to something new, and if we reviewed addition with carrying over numbers, she would completely forget what she had learned. After our daughters first MNRI session she was doing her math homework on her own and getting all of the answers correct! She has even recently scored above average in math after only being in MNRI sessions for two months. Before MNRI, her behavior was literally out of control. If we would talk to her about her behavior, she would stare at us and say, “What do you mean?” as if she had no idea what we were talking about. Now, her behavior has improved significantly and when she does make a mistake, she can comprehend what she did wrong and tell us on her own how she could change the behavior. Since we saw so much improvement in our daughter, we decided that we would take our son. Although he did not deal with as many behavioral issues, and his previous therapy helped him significantly, he still had some issues with focus and bonding that were noticeable, so we thought MNRI could help him also. Before MNRI if we told our son, “we love you,” he would not tell us he loved us back. We attributed it to trauma but left it at that and figured he’d come around eventually. In his MNRI sessions, Bridgette worked with him on bonding and being grounded and after a couple of sessions, one evening at bed time we said, “We love you,” and he said, “I love you too.” and he has been regularly telling us he loves us since then, and sometimes without us saying it first! One day he decided, on his own, that he wanted to let go of some of his items that he had kept from the past that was keeping him from moving forward. MNRI has helped our son process his emotions as well as his confidence in the fact that God placed him in our family. There are so many personal stories that we could share about how MNRI has helped our children in just a few short months that I could be here for hours. So many that I decided I needed MNRI too. As a momma, I started going myself because as Bridgette says, “Healthy children need healthy parents.” and during the first session I attended there was a point where I felt immediate stress relief, so of course now I am a regular MNRI patient myself. We share our story with everyone we come in contact with, who we believe can benefit from MNRI, because for a year and a half we struggled greatly with our two children, and we figured outside a miracle from God that we would most likely continue to struggle. However, we knew without a doubt that God placed them in our home for a reason so we kept we kept praying for a miracle. Now that we found MNRI, we will not just survive but we will live and thrive! MNRI is our miracle.

A Truly Grateful Momma,

Candy B

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