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I was married for 16 years and one day my husband decided that he didn’t want
to be married anymore. I felt as though I was hit by a 2 ton truck from the
other direction. You see, my husband and I attended bible college to be
trained to go into the ministry and help counsel people on their journey. My
whole world turned upside down. It took everything in me to just get out of
bed in the morning, but I had 2 kids to tend to and to raise. They had one
parent leave them, I sure wasn’t about to do the same, and especially leave
them emotionally. They needed me more than ever before. I was hurt, I was
betrayed, I was emotionally distraught. I was praying one time and
specifically remember Jesus whisper in my ear, “Now you know how I felt.”
Jesus was hurt, He was betrayed and He was emotionally distraught. So I knew
that Jesus was going to take care of me through the following years of
processing all of this. Then I met Melissa D’Aunoy. I heard about her
Boundaries Class. I thought to myself “What is a boundary?”  You see, I
had no boundaries. I decided to take the class and it is that class that set
me on the journey I am still working on today. It set my world in
perspective and helped me get the healing that I needed to become a “Healthy
Momma” with healthy boundaries. I have taken every single class that Melissa
has offered and went to see her husband, Marc, for counseling. I know that
God put me in the right place at the right time.  God knew I needed this and
I would not be the person I am today without the counseling, encouragement
and prayer from Marc and Melissa. They have been 2 of my biggest
cheerleaders!! It’s been 6 years since that devastating day, but God has
carried me through and God has provided my every need. I am now a business
owner, with employees and also serving in ministry. My life has been forever
changed! I thank God for you Marc & Melissa!!

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