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In November 2011, our marriage had reached a boiling point. We’d forgotten how to talk to one another without arguing, if we ever knew in the first place. I gave an ultimatum to my husband, either we seek help. or I was done. He began researching counselors and was immediately drawn to the Kitchen Table for its casual approach. I took no convincing and he called to make an appointment. Our first visit was pleasant enough – a more or less get-to-know us session. It’s the second visit that I remember vividly. Our second visit to Marc was hard to say the least. We had a tough road ahead of us and it would be hard work to get there.

We made a lunch date to follow that second visit. Our time spent in counseling that day was so intense, so difficult, it made for a tense, and silent, lunch. He refused to go back again, but it was his promise to me and I know I can always count on him to do what he says he will. Two weeks later we went back for visit number three. I still remember watching him cry. As Marc said, we both brought a lot of junk into our relationship. These first sessions would be painful as we attempted to banish our junk.

Nothing about counseling is easy if you are really committed to change. But, its difficulty is far easier than living day to day in a bad marriage.

With Marc’s guidance, and with various techniques he taught us to use, we’ve been able to address many of issues, individually and as a couple. We learned a lot about ourselves, and each other. We might have been together for 10 years when we started, but the magnitude of some of our most painful memories that were the root of our current problems, were shared with each other in that room.

We’ve learned to talk to each other again. And, if I had a dollar for every time one of us says “You remember Marc said…” in one of our conversations even still. But, probably the most profound change that Marc helped us to initiate in our marriage was the need for, and acceptance of, a spiritual life together.

We’ve started going to church as a family, something I hadn’t done in 20 years and my husband never did. It’s a hard place to be some Sundays, but we realize now it’s necessity and importance.

We will always be thankful to Marc for helping us save our marriage and showing us how much we were missing God. Its made all the difference.

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