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Upon waking up to prepare for the second day of attending an Ann Betz conference in 2018, I was surprised to experience double vision. I wasn’t out of bed yet and was a little afraid to get out. I had never experienced this before and had no clue what was happening. Nothing was hurting and there were no problems the night before that I was aware of. I put my glasses on, squinted, rubbed my eyes, blinked real hard and shook my head, all to no avail.
I finally got out of bed, holding on to the walls and took my phone so I could Google what was happening. To my surprise some of the terminology I read was similar to what Ann used the day before in the conference. However other things made me suspicious and I thought I should go to the hospital. Therefore I called my Life Coach instructors (Marc and Melissa D’Aunoy) to inform what was happening. No answer, left a message.
Marc called me back and asked that I reconsider the hospital idea because it may have been some sort of conflict I was experiencing. Marc coached me with questions about what might be bothering me. I informed him that I was enjoying the conference and really wanted to go back but I was also torn about not going to my son’s house out of town to be with him and my grandson. They had been going through a difficult time and I had been visiting them regularly through that. So Marc questioned, ”If it were possible, would you like to be in both places?” I told him yes; I really wanted to do both, the conflict. However, it wasn’t possible to be in two at one time.
Marc offered, and I accepted, his help to guide me in “tapping” through this situation. I had never heard of tapping before. Marc told me over the phone how to tap certain areas on my head, face, hand and upper chest while making affirming statements. After three rounds my vision improved. I decided not to go the hospital and to go to the conference. However, after hanging up the phone it came back. I called Marc back and he said I had not let go completely of the conflict and we went through a couple more rounds and my vision cleared.
I attended and enjoyed the conference, although I didn’t drive myself, my family was well and I have not experienced double vision again to this very day.
Hilda Edmond

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