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I was talking (while standing) to Mark one day and he asked me why I keep kneeling down on one knee while talking. I told him that I have been suffering with lower back pain for years with no medical explanation for the pain and that kneeling and sitting was my way of coping with the pain. Mark explained that unresolved emotional conflicts can lead to physical pain and disease in the body because the mind was not designed to carry this type of load, therefore the body is where the pain manifests itself. Mark then asked me to sit down and he began to ask me questions that led the Spirit inside me to wheal up and I began to cry out and asked God to forgive me for the unforgiveness and bitterness that I was subconsciously harboring in my heart. I felt such relief and peace as I confessed these sins to God and I have not experienced that level of pain since that healing at Ruby’s Restaurant. Praise Jesus!

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