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I am probably just like you, an average person who has friends and a family. I am educated, maintain a good job and have always been functional. However, I have spent the last 25 years trying to fill a void in my life. I wasn’t too sure what I was searching for but I definitely knew something was missing.

I took communication courses, inner child workshops, extensive therapy sessions and read every self-help book I could get my hands on. I even attended churches of different denominations hoping to find the answer. Last year, I literally stumbled into one of Melissa’s courses not knowing what to expect and I found the missing piece, Jesus. For the first time in my life, Jesus became real to me and I felt whole and complete. I encourage everyone to take these courses because no matter where you are on your life’s journey, these courses will be life changing. It will take you to a higher level of peace and joy. I am so grateful to Melissa and the incredible work she does because my life has been changed forever.

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