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I don’t even know where to start!! Marc Daunoy’s gifting from the Holy Spirit is truly inspiring. Marc has been coaching my husband and I for over a year and what a journey it has been. He has been there with us through our lowest and coached us out of that place onto a path that is finally feeling like we are headed in the right direction!
Almost every day I come across someone’s path that tell me about the pain they are in emotionally or physically. I cannot express enough how one of the first things I tell them is “Please, go and sit down with Marc at The Kitchen Table.” I have been to three different counselors before Marc and never ever have I or my husband felt so truly cared for. Marc did not want to just listen to us and analyze our every movement or thought. He gets to the true heart issue of your problems and finds healing for you in those places!

Let me give you one of the many examples of healing Marc has walked me through! I woke up one more with a very painful migraine (had not had one like this in quite a while), took 2 migraine pills and an hour later it still was just as painful. So I got ready and went on to the office. Marc was scheduled to come to our office that day to give a presentation on the “Psychology of Success”. So when I got to the office he saw me and said, “Are you ok you don’t look so good?!” I proceeded to tell him how I woke up with this horrible migraine, and he immediately said, “You want me to help you get rid of that?” I laughed and said, “Sure, but before you do I wanted to tell you about this Crazy dream I had.” My dream was so vivid and real; My husband, the kids, and I were in our home when this crazy tornado came out of nowhere ripped through our house and left a hole straight down the middle of our house, but the weird thing was I noticed that before the tornado came through somehow we must have been robbed because all the TV’s and things worth “value” were missing. Right after I told Marc the dream he started explaining to me the symbolic references of my dream.

He said, “Candice normally tornados represent a fatherly or prominent male figure in your life. Do you know who that might be?” I glanced my eyes towards my husband and Marc said “ok, and is today an anniversary of anything?” That statement Marc made felt like a punch in the stomach and it literally took my breath away. See, almost exactly to the day a year prior I had found out that my husband, the love of my life, my “person” had been having an affair. Needless to say when I put the time frame together after he asked me that I immediately started to tear up! We all went in to my office, and Marc explained, “The tornado was finding out what Bubba had done, and it tore a hole in your “home,” your safe place. You and your family had also in a sense been “robbed” of things! It made complete sense to me now, and so did this excruciating migraine that I had! Marc sat me down as I SOBBED and said “Candice, follow my finger and repeat after me…It has been 365 days and we survived! A year later we are still here and together! A year later my husband is a different man!” He kept reciting stuff like this to me and I would repeat it. Then he abruptly stopped and said “Now look at your husband and what do you see?” I said, “Concern and sympathy for my pain” Marc said, “Ok now, how is that Migraine!” When I tell you the PAIN WAS GONE…IT WAS GONE!! I was still a little foggy feeling but the pain was GONE!!

I cannot express to you enough how freeing and healing it has been to intimately let Marc into me and my husband’s life. By Marc allowing the Holy Spirit to use him, he has forever helped to change my life’s course. I only wish everyone can be blessed as much as my husband and I have been by Marc’s gifting!

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