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Marc and Melissa D’Aunoy were recommended to me by my pastor for a problem I was having with erotic transference directed toward another therapist. Even though I knew that it was caused by a lack in my childhood of a close relationship with my father, it was very embarrassing and humiliating to me. Just when my emotions seemed to be leveling out, i would have another set back that seemed worse than the one before.

The D’Aunoys were very non-judgmental and welcoming to me when I went to their office, and they immediately put me at ease. Marc used a technique called EMDR that I had never heard of before that day, but I must say was very impressive and effective. He asked me to look at a list of emotions and choose the ones that seemed to fit how my father had made me feel. Then he had me concentrate on the opposite list that described how I would like to have felt.

He had me move my eyes quickly back and forth between the positive and negative words. Then he had me close my eyes and then describe to him what I saw. What I saw was myself sitting on my therapist’s lap. He was kissing me and hugging me very tenderly.

Marc asked me to bring Jesus into the picture. I did and it was suddenly Jesus who was kissing me and being so kind and tender to me. Jesus told me how much he loves me and how he notices every detail of my life. Jesus made me feel loved and noticed. That is exactly what I had so desperately wanted from my father, but never received for reasons that were beyond his control. That one therapy session did amazing things to reprogram my subconscious from love for my therapist to love and appreciation for Jesus, my father, and my husband. My relationship with my husband has never been better. Many barriers have been broken down and now I can receive the love that had always been there for me, but I was unable to recognize and appreciate before my session with the D’Aunoys. I loved the way they ushered me into the Lord’s presence and allowed Him to heal those deep wounds!

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