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I just want to preface this with I have been to so many counselors for various things, and I have never received healing in the way I have from The Kitchen Table Counseling. About a year ago I went to see Marc for the first time. My purpose for going was to make sure I was dealing with the death of my daughter in a healthy manner. In 2013, I was 34 weeks and 2 days pregnant when I went into labor to deliver my 3rd baby girl. When I got to the hospital there was no heartbeat. Without medical explanation my Lily went to be with the Lord. There was, and still continues to be, so many facets to this grieving and healing process. Marc helped me process the death of Lily in a tremendous way. The thing that I am most thankful for is the way Marc helped reframe the way I saw Lily. In a specific session we were talking about the way I saw Lily in my mind. Every time I pictured her, I saw her the way I held her in the hospital. Marc told me that this wasn’t what Lily looked like anymore. She was very much alive in heaven. He had me ask the Lord to show me Lily—Lily in the present, not what I knew of her. Instantly, I had a vision of Lily running into the arms of Jesus (I have never had a vision before). A sweet little girl that looked to be about a year old (the age she would have been) with black curly hair running through a grassy field into the arms of Jesus. It took my breath away and has forever changed the way I see her. I can’t put into words what this meant and still means to me as a mother who will forever be in a process of healing for the loss of her daughter.

About 6 months after I had stopped seeing Marc, I was at the Arise Conference when I heard Melissa give a message that really penetrated my heart and prompted me to get further healing. I realized that there were more areas that needed to be dealt with. I was able to recognize the way I was dealing with certain things weren’t healthy. The problem was that I wasn’t even aware of what the problems were. Marc was able to bring those problems to my attention. The way he explained it was that when my mother was pregnant with me, she felt a certain way that was transferred to me. This process wasn’t something I had any say in, but it was affecting me and I needed to deal with it. Once it was brought to my awareness, I was able to ask God for true healing from it. I feel like I have indeed gotten true healing from these issues. Now I know I have broken the cycle. My children will not have to deal with these specific issues because I already have.

With Marc’s counseling I have been able to deal with so many issues and receive so much healing. Marc helps me understand the issues and brings it to my attention and awareness and God does the healing. Once you understand the process and how this type of counseling works, you are able to utilize these tools when issues come up. You learn to look at problems in a different way. I want to know the root of the problem now. Where is it coming from? And how can I deal with this healthily. I feel like the stronghold of fear has been released from my family. I feel like generational curses have been broken. I feel that true healing has come out of situations that you would think healing never could come. For all of these things I am forever grateful.

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