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The kitchen table became to me an intimate place where I had a voice and it was not my own it was God’s. I was so judgmental on myself and my marriage, my expectations were beyond false on everyone specially myself and my husband. I learned how to see that I needed God to be the one feeling my heart and not everything else around me.

I learned how to stop trying to rescue those who didn’t want to be rescue and allow God to be the one leading me, not getting so frustrated by all my emotions but allowing these to bring me close to Him and rely fully on His strong arms.

I was frustrated fighting my identity and trying to prove myself to everyone and I was exhausted of that and forgot who I was, lost my vision and drive and my class and fellowship with my sisters empowered me to see that we are all in this together and that we can fight against the lies of The enemy and replace them with Jesus love words for us.

“This class was a big gift for me and my husband now our marriage is more intimate and with healthier boundaries and expectations.“

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