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Play therapy is a therapeutic approach that is geared specifically towards children, typically ages 3-12. Though geared toward children, several elements of play therapy can be beneficial to adolescents and even adults. Play therapists have specialized training in how to conduct play sessions, teach skills, respond to a child’s behaviors, and communicate effectively with parents. It is most effective when a child’s caregivers are actively involved in the treatment process. Because children typically communicate better through play than with their words, play therapy allows children to express themselves in a way that is more natural for them. The goals of this approach are for children to be able to process situations in their lives, express their thoughts and feelings in a positive way, become more empathetic towards others, and learn new skills. Having a safe, comfortable space to interact with a therapist using their natural language of play lets children know that they are understood by their therapist, which allows them the space and freedom to grow and solve problems.

Meet Stephanie Johnson, M.S., PLPC, NPP  




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