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Does your child suffer from Autism, ADHD or conduct disorders? How about comprehension and academic achievement? Are you challenged with anxiety, depression or feeling unattached to yourself and your loved ones?  Masgutova Neurosensimotor Reflex Integration or MNRI is a modality that was developed by Polish doctor Svetlana Masgutova in 1989.  As a first responder to a train wreck disaster in Olaf, Poland, Masgutova treated 100’s of children that experienced severe injuries and death as a result of the shock from the tragedy. Through light touch and modeling specific reflex movement patterns, she was able to pull the victims out of shock helping the children to process this horrible event.

This event was the catalyst for Masgutova’s study and development of MNRI. MNRI is used when reflex circuits in the body are shorted or rerouted. Trauma in our lives and/or disruptions in developmental milestones can cause many emotional, cognitive, and behavioral problems.  MNRI has been proven to help correct the issues.  God has wired us in a very detailed and specific way and the trauma we experience in this life disrupts our wiring. The human brain is not a finished organ at birth — in fact, another 10 or 12 years are needed before even a general development is complete.  Structural maturation of individual brain regions and their connecting pathways is required for the optimal development of cognitive, motor, and sensory functions. This maturation eventually provides for a smooth, efficient flow of nerve impulses throughout the brain.

Myelination is the process the nervous system uses to create these pathways but disruptions can cause the brain to not work as effectively or efficiently. MNRI awakens the innate intelligence God has put within us for healing.  With the use of reflex integration through touch and movement, the nervous system can effect change throughout the body and correct disruptions. MNRI can optimize wellness potential of clients suffering from a variety of issues including but not limited to worry, fear, phobia, anxiety, depression, aggressive behaviors, co-dependency, brain fog, learning delay, lack of motivation, attention deficit and attention deficit with hyperactivity, autism, cerebral palsy, intellectual development delay and proven to take the delayed to average, average to gifted, and the gifted to genius. Currently, Bridgette Mouton is our MNRI core in training provider. Learn more about Bridgette by checking out her bio on our about us page.





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