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A journey to restore the woman who has been sexually abused. Using the Wounded Heart book by Dan Allender, Kitchen Table Coach, Jodi Dardeau, walks with women on this year long journey to bring healing and freedom to the body, soul, and spirit of women damaged by the pain of sexual abuse. This small group of safe women will dissect one chapter a month, diving into their own stories to find Jesus waiting to restore and heal their hearts.

One in three girls is a victim of sexual abuse. The pervasiveness of sexual abuse reaches in and touches every aspect of her being leaving her feeling dirty, broken, irreparable, undone, but know this sweet friend, Jesus has held her heart. He has preserved it for His bride and desires to give it back to her.

Her Held Heart is a proactive, empowering class to take your heart back! The class meets once a month on Saturdays from 9 am – 12 pm at The Kitchen Table office located at 101 Teurlings Dr., Lafayette LA 70501. As a survivor of sexual abuse herself, Jodi will help you to unravel your own story, step into the healing available for you and walk out of your victim story. This story need not define you any longer, there is freedom from this story!

Jesus is waiting – heart held!
He has been holding your heart and is ready to give it back to you!
Come and be restored!




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