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Are you feeling stuck, dead or purposeless? Do you feel that there is more to life than your current life experience? Have you realized all your goals and still feel empty inside? Have you forgotten who you really are? Regardless of where you are in life, our Growth Challenge program is by far the most impactful program The Kitchen Table has to offer. This 3-stage program is designed to get you to DISCOVER your true God given identity, CEMENT that identity deep in your heart of hearts, and then ACT out of that identity through purposeful intentions in your every day life.

GC1: July 19-21, 2019

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The first workshop begins on a Friday evening from 6-10pm, Saturday 9-10pm and Sunday 9-4pm. It is an action-packed 2 1/2 days, consisting of experiential exercises, small-group discussion, mini-lectures, and individual, focused coaching.  The fee is $399 for individuals and $675 for couples (payment plans available). Call our office at 337-889-0221 for more information!

GC2: June 6-9, 2019

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Often called our 4-Day program. It begins on a Thursday evening and ends on Sunday at 4pm. This is the most fun stage of the three stages. In this stage, participants are deepening their core identity in who they really are. The bible describes the devil as a thief who comes in to steal, kill and destroy. The devil was the first identity thief, stealing mans identity – that we were made in the likeness of God himself. This workshop takes back what the enemy has stolen!
Must have attended a GC1 to participate.

GC3: March 22-23, May 10-12

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This stage is the culmination of what has been cemented in the participants identity and taking that core cemented identity into action. Nothing is real until it is actualized. This stage puts accountability and leadership to the test. Will you walk out your true identity or not? Without a vision and purpose and ACTION nothing changes! This stage takes place over the course of two 2-day workshops divided between six weeks of group organized action and accountability. Operating from a cemented identity, we become the hands and feet of Jesus to our ourselves our loved ones and our community.
Must have attended GC1 & 2 to participate.

Graduates of each level are invited to participate in future GC trainings at no cost by being on our team. It takes up to 15 team members to put on any one of our Growth Challenge experiences. Being on our team allows for a deepening of the core principles learned and an opportunity to pay it forward to others.




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