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Growth Challenge is a faith-based Christian interactive training uniquely constructed to help you realize and ignite your spiritual connection and personal growth. This inspiring, experiential workshop “gets to the heart” of what’s keeping you stuck so that transformation can happen. Transformation happens when people shift internal core beliefs and choose to live differently. It is awakening to new possibilities, recognizing new choices, and deciding to behave differently in life. You can uncover the blind spots that keep you from having the life you want and become aware of the self-imposed barriers that are limiting your freedom and power. Discovering these can significantly impact your experience of life.

This change happens when we are pushed out of our comfort zones in a safe, but challenging environment. That is Growth Challenge.

We believe that wounds can be healed, negative beliefs can be changed, and lives can be transformed. Through Growth Challenge you will see new possibilities, realize your potential in living your life, and become the person you were created to be. YOU can transform your life. Make an investment today to create a different tomorrow!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is Growth Challenge structured? The workshop begins on Friday evening at 6 and ends on Sunday at 4. It is an action-packed 2 1/2 days, consisting of experiential exercises, small-group discussion, min-lectures, and individual, focused coaching. Under the guidance of master coach and facilitator, you and the other participants have an opportunity to develop and practice new beliefs that support you in becoming the person you want to be.

How much does Growth Challenge cost? The fee is $499 for the course and can be paid in 3 installments, the first installment due at the time of registration. Breakfast and lunch is included each day.

How do I register for Growth Challenge? Register by calling the office at 899-0221 or you can email: the [email protected] and someone will call you back.

My life is working well. Can Growth Challenge assist me? Definitely. Growth Challenge is for individuals who are looking for more in life, regardless of their current reality. Our approach isn’t about “fixing.” It’s about excelling in all areas of life.

Your facilitators are:

Michelle Leblanc, Lead facilitator and Life Coach

Marc D’Aunoy, LPC, LMFT
Melissa D’Aunoy MS, Spiritual Director, Speaker and Author



Marc and Melissa were married in 2001 and have a blended family with five children. Born and raised in Cajun country, they have a heart for the people of Acadiana – to see marriages restored, families healthy and thriving and individuals free to be all they were created to be!



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