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Individual Counseling

In your first session Marc will offer you the opportunity to explain the various issues that you have been facing that prompted you to make the call for an appointment. Once we are able to get everything out on the table so that we understand your situation, we will work together to target goals and begin the process of reaching those goals. We generally incorporate a faith-based perspective along with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR/RRT and Life Coaching to assist our clients. This holistic approach offers a broader perspective on understanding your situation and therefore more likely to be of real value in creating change.

Cost: $175 per hour. Call for appointment today at 337-889-0221.

Marriage Counseling

Do you feel like your marriage is doomed to fail? Do you find yourself fighting every time you try to discuss tough issues? Do you love each other but not like each other? Learn the art of creating a healthy life-giving marriage. We will help you untangle the web of confusion and hurt feelings that have choked out the life of your marriage. Rediscover the sweetness of what marriage can be and get on the road back to marital satisfaction with guidance and coaching.

Cost: $175 per hour office visit. Call for appointment today at 337-889-0221.

Premarital Counseling

Before you say “I Do,” make sure it will last a lifetime. Since 50% of all marriages end in divorce, good premarital counseling can help you beat the odds! Couples will examine the health and readiness of their relationship, review each other’s expectations, learn about the powerful but simple ingredients behind healthy marriages, and complete a personality profile to review compatibility. Let us help you make the biggest decision of your life with confidence or avoid the biggest mistake of your life.

Cost: $500.00 for 4 sessions. Call for appointment today at 337-889-0221.



Marc and Melissa were married in 2001 and have a blended family with five children. Born and raised in Cajun country, they have a heart for the people of Acadiana – to see marriages restored, families healthy and thriving and individuals free to be all they were created to be!



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